Mitsubishi Power


Mitsubishi Power has many products at an industrial scale that help provide power worldwide in many different ways and for different purposes. They consist of a range from more legacy products to new innovative products that reflect their future vision for energy generation. I was asked by Mitsubishi Power to help re-invent how they sell their products, communicate their vision and provide a platform that allows this across their global sales teams, touch screens at events and that is content managed and ale to be updated as new products arise.

the identity concept

Our solution

A 3D digital city that can be navigated around and into, that houses different products within categorised zones.

The user can zoom into the areas of the city to discover videos that describe how each product works whilst viewing images, pdf’s, specifications and descriptions of the products themselves. 

We developed an online web app with a downloadable executable for use on event screens worldwide. Built with a CMS system at its heart so users can update content in real-time and upload to the live site.

Building product videos also allowed us to create more marketing-focused videos with voiceovers and subtitles for use across various social media platforms adding value and increasing the footprint to the content being created,

Product videos

Application UI

Marketing Videos


Engagement and buy-in from multiple geographical businesses, departments, teams and stakeholders across Germany, Japan, Italy, UK and America.

The entire sales and marketing teams have begun to harness this tool to sell its products worldwide.