Create a brand that brings awareness and gravitas to the JHC name, above and beyond their well-known products.

To aid the move into a B2C market from the already successful B2B, JHC needed a presence and visual language that communicates it as the major player within its market.

A sonic identity

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Our solution

We wanted to communicate the heritage and gravitas of the brand alongside the innovative and pioneering nature of its products.

We investigated brand attributes such as vision, category, audience, opportunities, character etc and produced a brand framework including, value proposition, mission and vision statements.

Thus enabling us to create, design and produce copy and branded content within a consistent and aligned brand language that aligned to the CEO’s vision and strategy

Product Identities & Design language

Product design

Our solution

The JHC Dot is the brand’s most significant graphic element. It was born from the transition of JHC’s products into cloud-based offerings and represents the ‘.’ within the browser. Its amorphous shapes move and evolves to represent how JHC’s products support financial institutions in an ever-changing environment, to enable them to reshape their operations and grow their business.

Based on Figaro which houses the ‘full spectrum’ of financial data, the applications that use a section of this information as their base, therefore, owned specific segments of that colour spectrum as their identity.

We developed a full suite of design collateral from sonic moving logos, marketing collateral, office designs, sales tools through to product names, software UI’s and user experience design.


The aim was to create a brand that would bring a cohesion to all the products and its stature as a company and as a business. The priority to be that would sell.

It did. Global financial technology company FNZ acquired the platform software provider JHC in a move that created one of the strongest broking platforms in the UK.